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“It’s our most layered record to date and it was expensive as fuck for us to make as an unsigned band. It cost more than our van,” says the three-piece’s vocalist and guitar player, Dan Pantenburg. “We financed the entire record working full-time jobs between tours.” You’ll find the best eye of horus tricks the following, a person have the time to get it!

Such is the state of music today—hustling to make ends meet while finding outlets for creative expression. But amidst the daily drudgery come packed dive bar and basement shows in their hometown of Portland, Oregon, and European tours—opportunities for the garage rockers’ punky energy to boil over, slapping you in the face with exuberant, tightly woven, two-and-a-half-minute pop songs.

Whether you’re in a riotous indie rock band or not, you can likely relate to Autonomics’ highs and lows, which are both addressed on Debt Sounds. “People have creative sides to them and have to balance their financial and social lives around trying to be expressive in a successful way,” Pantenburg says. “We live in stressful times, but there’s definitely optimism in spite of that.”

One look at The Beach Boys-lampooning artwork (and title) will tell you that Autonomics have a sense of humor. And one spin of Debt Sounds will let you hear the sound of Autonomics’ optimism.




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“Autonomics is the synthesis of the summer feel of Weezer, the melodic understanding of Oasis, and the impetuous, rough sound of Fidlar”